I’m currently in Pamplona, Spain enjoying what is turning out to be a very rewarding and tiring week at the Malofiej Infographic World Summit (follow #malofiej25 on Twitter, if you like). If I can find the time, I’ll try to conduct some podcast interviews while I’m here! In the meantime, I’m very happy to welcome Alvin Chang to the podcast.

Alvin is a Graphics Reporter at Vox and uses his unique style of illustrations to explain policy topics and themes. In our chat, we dive into how to engage your audience with different visual devices, sensitivity around gender and race, and, of course, storytelling.

If you haven’t seen them yet, I published 5 posts last week on stories and data, so please check them out:
1. What is Story?
2. Story Structure
3. Applying Data to Story Structure
4. The Storytellers
5. More Story References and Resources

If you’re enjoying the podcast, please let me know! Connect on Twitter or in the comment boxes below, or submit your ratings and reviews to iTunes.

Episode Notes

Alvin Chang at Vox

Alvin Chang | How would the Republican health care plan affect you?

Scott McCloud | Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art


Sarah Kliff | For so many Americans, Obamacare offered career freedom. A repeal could take that away


JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS

Data Viz Info Kit (Includes interview with Kaiser Fung and Alberto Cairo)

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