How It Works

helpmevizlogo-01The data visualization community consists of people who use data and design to tackle a variety of issues and challenges. Outside of a few specific blogs and tutorials however, there isn’t a place where that community can provide in-depth comments and criticism on data visualization projects. This site is designed to facilitate discussion, debate, and collaboration from the data visualization community.

The site is open to anyone who is searching for feedback on their visualization designs, from seasoned designers and data visualization specialists to individual analysts searching to improve their graphic displays. All types of visualizations are welcome: simple, single line or bar charts to full-blown infographics to interactive visualizations.

Use the submission form to send the following information:

  • Your name;
  • A static image of your visualization (plus the website address for interactive visualizations and, if applicable, the code or code repository);
  • Your data, preferably in an easy-to-use format; and
  • A brief explanation of the challenges or problems you face to. This can include technical challenges as well, for example to seek advice as to whether it would be easier to create the visualization in a different tool. Even if you don’t know what challenges you face, but are still seeking advice, that’s fine too.

Remember, these don’t need to be final projects. You can be working through drafts, or even still working with the data–the idea is to give you some real-time feedback from a wide community of engaged data analysts and visualizers.

Readers can post comments, revisions, and sketches to help improve your project. To remain engaged with the community, please follow the project here and on Twitter @HelpMeViz to see new posts, suggestions, remakes, and makeovers.

My hope is that we will all treat each other with respect and provide constructive feedback. Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or any other type of –ist or –phobic comments will not be tolerated. I will try to moderate the comments best I can, but please let me know if I miss someone acting out of line.