I offer virtual and on-site half-, full-, and multi-day workshops in data visualization, presentation skills, and data visualization tools including Excel, PowerBI, R, and Tableau. Workshop attendees will expand their graphic literacy and learn best practices to create more effective graphs and data visualizations. They will also gain the knowledge about what types of visualizations work best for their audience and why. I will also work with your current visualization projects and suggest redesigns that will illustrate what better data visualization means for you and your content.

I bring my experience as a PhD economist to your data. We will not only explore how to communicate your work but can also explore the statistical underpinnings–the theoretic. Beyond an ordinary workshop, I also offer project-specific consulting services to help you and your team work better with your data and create more effective graphs, interactive visualizations, infographics, and more.

Public Workshops

Check out my public data visualization and presentation workshops, held around the world at various times during the year! More details on this page.

Core Principles of Data Visualization

The study of data visualization—the visual representation of data—plays a crucial role in the work of researchers and analysts. Organizations tasked with producing, releasing, and analyzing large amounts of data can more effectively analyze and communicate their work by understanding how to better visualize their data. Often, however, visualizing results comes as a last-second addition to the output and secondary to the analysis, which ultimately limits the effective relay of information.

This workshop provides

  • an overview of the data visualization field
  • introduction to different graphic types and purposes
  • an overview of best practices and strategies to create effective visualizations

Workshop attendees will work together with simple data sets and graphics to apply the lessons learned.

Introduction to Presentation Design and Techniques

Most people who work with data approach the task of presenting analysis by converting a written document into slides. Unfortunately, the result is often a text-heavy presentation saddled with bullet points, stock images, and graphs too complex for an audience to decipher―much less understand.

In this workshop, attendees are shown better ways to create, design, and deliver their presentations. Specific resources, tools, and approaches are defined and discussed to demonstrate better ways to deliver memorable content. Workshop attendees work in small groups to evaluate presentation slides, and develop and refine their own presentations.

Introduction to Data Visualization in Excel

In this hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to extend the data visualization capabilities of Excel. The class is primarily taught in Excel 2013 (PCs), Excel 2010 (PCs), and Excel 2011 (Mac). Attendees should have some basic working knowledge of Excel.

Attendees learn basic productivity-enhancing skills in Excel and more advanced data visualization techniques. This class covers:

  • Basic formulas: INDEX, MATCH, VLOOKUP
  • Data importing features
  • In-cell charting and conditional formatting
  • General Excel visualization tips and tricks
  • Advanced data visualization in Excel

All workshops include hands-on exercises. Participants work individually and in small groups, and discuss concepts within the larger class.


Jonathan’s workshop was a perfect combination of unique knowledge, great visualization examples, and some humor to keep things fun. We had a variety of expertise and experience levels in the room and everyone came away from the workshop with something to improve upon and all left the workshop eager to get started on new projects. Highly recommend!

Christy Friedman

Program Manager, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Department of Health Policy

I do have to say that this was likely the best event we have had. Really informative, had tons of practical tips, and highly relevant to all the work we do. It’s obvious there is a real skill at being at a higher level in terms of presenting complex data.  The workshop will stimulate our thinking and hopefully move us to be more creative in the way we summarize and present information. Thanks again for your effort and absolutely LOVE all the ready hand sheet reference sheets you provided to us – they will be frequently used.

Amy Culbertson

Department of Homeland Security