Infographics Design


We can help develop and build static infographics to reach solutions and gain insights.

In addition to specific data visualizations and data visualization assessments, we can also help you and your teams create infographics, a wider visual concept that encompasses graphs, charts, diagrams, photographs, icons, and text into a single visual product. We often work with the Adobe suite of tools, but also work with the Microsoft Office suite as well as online tools such as Canva, Infogram, and Venngage.

We work collaboratively with you to outline the purpose and content of your infographics to understand why this is the right solution for your work, where it will live, and how your audience is expected to use your infographics. We will closely examine your data to draw out the important stories, trends, and patterns so as to help tell your data-driven story.

Here are some examples of our work:

2012 infographic from the Congressional Budget Office
Infographic of the economic recovery