I have been remiss in not thanking you for the terrific workshop you gave for Peterson last week. I’ve been drawing graphs of economic data for 45 years, and yet still feel that I learned a lot from your session. I was particularly impressed that — in an era when it’s so easy to let one’s attention wander in a virtual setting, you held mine for four hours. Whenever I see a great graph in the future, I’ll think of you, and some of the principles you laid out. 

David Wilcox

Peterson Institute for International Economics

Your presentation was terrific! I heard many favorable comments about your lecture, and I am confident that it will attract a substantial audience when we post it on the NBER website later this summer. I really appreciate the time and energy that you devoted to preparing your lecture.

James Poterba

James Poterba

Mitsui Professor of Economics at MIT and the President of the National Bureau of Economic Research

Jon’s workshop was really good, honestly! I consider myself quite advanced on the topic and have attended many “Visualization” workshops in the past that did not teach me much. This one really allowed me to raise my level and I will be using those templates and scripts very soon!

Yves Froude

The World Bank

The workshop was perfect. I loved the workshop aspect and the comprehensive educational approach to get us to gain the understanding to then be able to practice.

Andrea Mauro


I speak for all of my colleagues here at the U.S. Department of State in expressing our gratitude to you for a most engaging presentation at our agency’s monthly Evaluation Community of Practice meeting.  Before and after the presentation, the staff was excited about getting insights on the power of data visualization in both processing and presenting data, such as evaluation information, to various stakeholders.  We very much appreciate you giving us your time and insights, as well as links to additional resources and information.  The use of data visualization techniques is a burgeoning field in federal agencies, so your remarks and accompanying materials will help move us further along the continuum of presenting data in visually appealing and informative ways.

Stephanie Cabell

Program Analyst Bureau of Budget and Planning State Department
Working with Jon was a pleasure. He listened to our description of the audience and tailored a presentation to meet our needs. Somehow Jon managed to explain dataviz clearly to the totally uninitiated while engaging those who work in the field. Jon w...Read more »

Cindy Brach, Senior Health Policy Researcher at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

On behalf of our group, we want to thank you for a great presentation! Your remarks gave us useful examples and strategies that we can employ in our work and illuminated important considerations for the many audiences we serve.

Christen Sandoval, HHS Health Literacy Workgroup

Thanks for your tailored talk for our staff on diversity, equity, and inclusion in data viz. I've already been hearing takeaway ideas from your presentation folks are applying to dashboards-in-progress to make them more inclusive which for me is the...Read more »

Julie Warner

Jon’s training was lively, interactive (despite having more than 200 participants), and provided a great deal of practical advice. He also showed us so many beautiful visualizations.

Erik Beecroft

@jschwabish said I had a good point and I’ll leave it at that. <off to print and frame tweet reply>

Jas On

It was perfect! I really appreciate your remarks. I was so confused all day….until you. Thank you!!!

Dr. Talitha Washington

Jonathan’s workshop was a perfect combination of unique knowledge, great visualization examples, and some humor to keep things fun. We had a variety of expertise and experience levels in the room and everyone came away from the workshop with somet...Read more »

Christy Friedman

Thank you! For an area that I’ve never worked in/thought about before, I found it incredibly interesting and informative.

Fran Williams

Jon Schwabish did an excellent job offering a custom data visualization workshop for my team.  He listened to our problems in advance, tailored his talk to our needs, and kept our diverse team–from analysts to teachers–engaged throughout the da...Read more »

Katie Nielson

I was extremely impressed with Jon’s ability to illustrate different data visualization techniques to greatly improve the effectiveness of communication with clients.

Jae Song

Jon came to one of our DC Tableau User Group meetings to present on better communication specifically in data visualizations. The response from the group exceeded my expectations!  [Our Tableau] users were informed and inspired by what they lea...Read more »

Brittany Fong

As a startup, we have a lot of talented and smart people working for us, but we needed some guidance on properly presenting data. Jon’s presentation on data visualization was exactly the training we were looking for. It was clear, informative, fun...Read more »

Jaclyn Mack

Jon’s presentation on data visualization was fun, concise, and easy to apply to my goal of making reports on app usage more compelling and informative. His takeaways were crystal clear. After the presentation, he happily entertained my request to ...Read more »

Adam Kaplan

Jon Schwabish knows how to deliver an effective presentation. With humor and verve, he demonstrates how researchers and policy analysts often lose their audience by giving a talk as though they are writing an academic paper. His examples [of common ...Read more »

Thomas Brock

We asked Jon to present at a workshop on visualization around the time of the 2016 PAA conference in D.C. [Jon] wowed us with a clean, entertaining, and insightful presentation, and he was supportive throughout the rest of the workshop. Very approac...Read more »

Tim Riffe

Jon’s command of both the stage and the content was remarkable. The conference attendees were of the highest caliber and enjoyed exceptional presentations, but Jon stole the show with his pragmatic approach to data visualization. The continued buz...Read more »

Camille Freestone

Jon spoke about how to better visualize and present data during a data visualization workshop we held at PRB. Jon is one of the few people able to deliver key insights and information while also entertaining the audience. I would not hesitate to hav...Read more »

Peter Goldstein

I consistently find myself asking “What would Jon Schwabish do?” when I have data that I want to present in a compelling, nuanced way. I recommend his writings as a resource to all my students. When I served as Director at the Hamilton Project, ...Read more »

Melissa S. Kearney

Jon’s data visualization talk was entertaining, engaging, and informative. He brings important and unique insights into effectively communicating what the data is trying to tell us to explain the world around us. As an empirical economist and prof...Read more »

Amanda Weinstein

Tremendous! That’s really all I can say about Jon’s presentations at our annual Customer Summit. Jon spoke at two of our Summits, which are attended by hundreds of people working in the fields of business, data, open data, and data visualization...Read more »

Amy Winner

Thank you for your wonderful workshop! The attendees – a mix of researchers and community leaders – could not stop raving about your presentation. Your energy, use of specific examples, and lucid presentation style made the topic accessible and ...Read more »

Sarah Gollust

Jon gave an excellent presentation and helped set the stage for how our teams work with and communicate data. His presentation combined imagination and inspiration for us to carry forward to our work.

Bill Reynolds

I just wanted to thank you profusely for the incredibly informative and engaging presentation. Our group really benefitted from your insights. They were raving about your talk and your ideas. Your deep understanding of our work, the constraints we ...Read more »

Ellen Meara