Presentation Blogs


Relatively new design tool with which you can create presentation slides, Canva’s blog, Design School, often contains advice on color, fonts, layout, and design, and will provide examples and lists of resources.

Carmine Gallo

Blog from the author who has written several books on presentations and storytelling. Often covers real world examples from the business sector.


From the Nashville, TN-based presentation design company, the Ethos3 blog often covers presentation delivery and slide design issues. They will often publish great lists of tools and resources for your presentations.

Empowered Presentations

Presentation design and consultation firm to help you communicate your message, your idea, and yourself more effectively.


Targets the education community and often provides PowerPoint tips and shortcuts, templates, and other resources to help you become more efficient at building your slides.

Presentation Genius

Presentation author and coach provides tips and online training to improve your slides and presentations.

Presentation Guild

New group whose aim is to build a community of presenters and designers to facilitate better slide design and presentation delivery.

Presentation Guru

Relatively new site that hosts a variety of resources written from presentation experts from a variety of fields.

Presentation Panda

Presentation design blog that provides advice on simple and effective design techniques for presentations.

Presentation Xpert

Hosts a variety of authors, webinars, and videos to help you create and deliver better presentations.

Presentation Zen

Blog from the book of the same name, Garr Reynolds’ blog provides more information and tutorials from his Presentation Zen approach.


Presentation and information design architects with extensive experience creating corporate presentations and information material.

Slide Rabbit

Presentation design and consulting firm specializing in marketing and litigation services, their blog contains tips and strategies for slide creation and presentations.

Think Outside the Slide

From presenter David Paradi, this blog focuses on business and financial presentations, and will often provide guidance on the technical aspects of slide creation and presentation delivery.