Latest Books

Learn how to give great presentations and reach wider audiences using multiple platforms in my first two books.

Data Visualization in Excel

By: Jonathan Schwabish
  • This is the first book available on the market that shows people how to create more advanced data visualizations in the Excel software tool. It provides step-by-step instructions and downloadable Excel files, that readers can use to expand how they use Excel and communicate their data to their audiences.
  • Through how-to tutorials for more than 20 advanced graph types, readers will move beyond the standard area, bar, line, and pie charts to heatmaps, waffle charts, dot plots, slope charts, cycle plots, and more.
  • Visit the CRC Press website to download accompanying, editable Excel files.

Elevate the Debate: A Multilayered Guide to Communicating Your Research

By: Jonathan Schwabish
  • This book helps researchers, analysts, and scholars to use traditional and digital media environments to their advantage.
  • Real-world guide helps readers present their data-driven research with greater clarity, coherence, and impact.
  • An array of practical strategies and proven techniques enables readers to make their research accessible to diverse audiences, form engaging narratives, and design and implement meaningful outreach plans.

Recommended Books

If you want to further enhance your data visualization and communication skills, there are a number of great books and resources. Here are 10 of my favorite books with more listed in my Amazon shop.