My newest book comes your way later this year! Better Data Visualizations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks will help you on your way to more effectively visualizing and sharing your data, research, and analysis!

This book details essential strategies to create more effective data visualizations. I walk readers through the steps of creating better graphs and how to move beyond simple line, bar, and pie charts. Through more than five hundred examples, I demonstrate the do’s and don’ts of data visualization, the principles of visual perception, and how to make subjective style decisions around a chart’s design. I survey more than eighty visualization types, from histograms to horizon charts, ridgeline plots to choropleth maps, and explain how each has its place in the visual toolkit.

It might seem intimidating, but everyone can learn how to create compelling, effective data visualizations. This book will guide you as you define your audience and goals, choose the graph that best fits for your data, and clearly communicate your message.

My latest book that will help you and your teams improve the way you communicate your data, research, and analysis to wider audiences.

Learn how to create better and more effective presentations: Better Presentations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks

Many researchers, scholars, and analysts fail to develop communication strategies that work in today’s crowded landscape of content, research, and data. To be successful, modern researchers need to share their insights with the wider audience beyond academia. This real-world guide helps you present your data-driven research with greater clarity, coherence, and impact.
I wrote my book on presentation skills to help you—the data analyst, researcher, or scholar—improve the way you conceptualize, create, and deliver your presentations. I want to show you a better way to deliver your content so that it will be remembered and acted upon.