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Episode #234: Kirk Munroe

Kirk Munroe is a business analytics and performance management expert. He has held leadership roles in product management, marketing, sales enablement, and customer success in analytics software companies including, Cognos, IBM, Kinaxis, Tableau, and Salesforce. Kirk has a passion for…

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Episode #229: Edith Young

Edith Young is an artist, designer, and writer from New York. Princeton Architectural Press published her first book, Color Scheme: An Irreverent History of Art and Pop Culture Through Color Palettes, in 2021.  This is the final podcast episode of…

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Episode #228: Ethan Mollick

Ethan Mollick is an Associate Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he studies and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also the author of The Unicorn’s Shadow: Combating the Dangerous Myths that Hold Back Startups,…

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Episode #227: Max Kuhn

Max Kuhn is a software engineer at RStudio. He is currently working on improving R’s modeling capabilities and maintains about 30 packages, including caret. He was a Senior Director of Nonclinical Statistics at Pfizer Global R&D in Connecticut. He was…

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