DataViz Blogs

Alberto Cairo

Blog from the author of The Functional Art and The Truthful Art, Cairo’s blog contains short posts about a variety of issues related to the data visualization and data journalism fields.

Andy Cotgreave

Data evangelist at Tableau Software, Cotgreave’s blog contains discussions big and small about the data visualization field, as well as specific tutorials using Tableau.

Kaiser Fung

A statistician by training, Fung critiques and then suggests redesigns of data visualizations he finds are poorly designed or do a poor job communicating the data.

Ben Jones

Another Tableau employee, Jones often takes a broader view of the data visualization field, commenting on current trends and practices.

Andy Kirk

Author of two books on data visualization, most recently Data Visualization: A Handbook for Data Driven Design, Kirk writes about current developments in the field and highlights some of the best work in the field.

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Author of the book of the same name, Knaflic provides practical instructions and examples on how to create visualizations that tell stories through text, color, font, or layout.

Robert Kosara

A former academic and now at Tableau software, Kosara’s blog has an academic focus where he highlights and reviews research from the data visualization field.

Andy Kriebel

Head Coach at the Information Lab in London, Kriebel writes about data visualization and often provides tutorials in Tableau software. He and Andy Cotgreave manage the Makeover Monday project, in which they discuss and remake a visualization each week.

Nathan Yau

One of the early, more popular blogs on data visualization, Yau reviews a data visualization each day. In the (paid) “members” section of the site, he provides tutorials in the R and d3 programming languages.