Data Visualization Design Services

Data Visualizations

Create better, more effective graphs, charts, and tables.

We work collaboratively with analysts, designers, and developers to help you and your teams build great, effective data visualizations. We can help you develop data visualizations from any stage in the development process. We can work directly with your raw data to extract solutions and recommendations. We can also provide critical reviews of your existing visualizations.

PolicyViz and our partners have worked with countless organizations to provide detailed reports of their existing data visualization products. We will meet with you to discuss your challenges in creating effective visualizations and your goals for engaging and informing your audiences. We explore your visualizations in detail with your budget, tools, and staffing constraints in mind to provide you with feedback you can use.

Our goal is to improve your data visualizations and empower you and your teams to continually create and publish visual content that is meaningful for your readers, users, and audience members.

Data visualizations can be created in any of the major data visualization tools and we tend to focus on the Microsoft Excel and the R programming language, as well as browser-based tools such as Flourish and Datawrapper. If you have needs that we cannot solve, we are happy to connect you with other vendors who can.

Our goal is to not only help you solve your current data visualization challenges but to provide you and your teams with the skills, tools, and strategies to effectively communicate your data over the long-run.