Data Communication Tools and Resources

No one communicates their data alone. We need tools, resources, and reference material to help us more effectively communicate and reach our target audiences. The collections below are designed to assist you as you and your teams build your data communication capabilities. Some of these materials are intended to inspire, others are intended to assist, and others are intended to provide you with the educational underpinnings to effective data communication.
Here is what you will find below:
  • PolicyViz DataViz Catalog
  • DataViz Books
  • DataViz Blogs
  • DataViz Tools
  • Story Books
  • Books about the Brain
  • Presentation Books
  • Presentation Blogs
  • Presentation Tools
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Slide Sharing Sites
  • Design Inspiration
  • Font Tools
  • Icon Collections
  • Image Collections
  • Color Tools
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Video Editing Tools

DataViz Catalog

My collection of more than 1,000 graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams I use as inspiration in my own work and when teaching classes and workshops. This interactive table enables you to sort, filter, search, and download visualizations to help you on your way to being a better data communicator.

DataViz Books

Some of the primary elements researchers will use in their presentations to show estimates and findings are graphs, charts, and other visualizations. These books are a gateway to creating better, more effective visualizations.

DataViz Blogs

This lists contains the best data visualization blogs. At these sites, you will find tools, tutorials, tips, templates, and more to help you develop and create better data visualizations.

DataViz Tools

Contrary to what most people actually mean, most of us do not tell stories when we visualize data. These books can help you better understand how to define storytelling and apply it to communicating data.

Books on Storytelling

Contrary to what most people actually mean, most of us do not tell stories when we visualize data. These books can help you better understand how to define storytelling and apply it to communicating data.

Books about the Brain

Giving a presentation is about communication and how your audience perceives and processes that information. This list contains some of my favorite books on how our brains work and how to get people to embrace and utilize your ideas.

Presentation Books

While these are certainly not all of the books on presentation design and skill, these are some of my favorites and offer you different perspectives and advice on creating better presentations.

Presentation Blogs

This list contains the best blogs dedicated to presentation skills and design. You will find tutorials, tips, templates, and more resources to help you deliver a better presentation.

PowerPoint Tools

Even if you are not a PowerPoint user, creating presentations that use more images, less text, and less clutter should be applied regardless of the tool you use. Ultimately, it’s not the tool that makes a great presentation, it’s the user.

PowerPoint Templates

Be faster and more efficient at PowerPoint. Learn keyboard shortcuts, download templates, and improve your designs by utilizing the resources listed below.

Slide Sharing Sites

Find the top sites to post and share your presentations. You can get design inspiration, presentation design techniques, and other technical tips for making your presentations as effective and beautiful as possible.

Design Inspiration

Need some design inspiration for your work? This list includes a variety of websites to help get your creative juices flowing. And if you’re looking to hire a professional graphic designer, you’ll find some amazing talent here.

Font Tools

“Anyone looking at a printed message will be influenced, within a split second of making eye contact, by everything on the page… In other words, an overall impression is created in our minds before we even read the first word” (Erik Speikermann and E. M. Ginger). Before you begin putting text on your slides, take some time to think about how the text will look.

Icon Collections

As with photographs, icons can be used to make you and your slides more engaging and memorable. Many of these links offer free, simple icons you can use in your presentations.

Image Collections

The way our eyes and brains work together allows us to better grasp and retain information through pictures rather than just through words. Use this list of photo sites—many of which offer large, high-quality photos for free—to deliver better presentations.

Color Tools

“Color used well can enhance and clarify a presentation. Color used poorly will obscure, muddle, and confuse” (Maureen Stone). Use color carefully to create engaging slides that your audience will want to look at and will help them better understand your content.

Collaboration Tools

Help you and your teams collaborate on new ideas from ideation and synthesis to gathering feedback. These tools can be especially useful in our new world of remote work and remote collaboration.

Video Editing Tools

If you’re making video content, you may need to clean up the video or audio, add text or intros and outros, or other effects to help make your videos stand out. These tools will help you do just that.