Virtual Webinars

Many of my standard workshop and speaking topics can be easily adapted to a webinar format. Webinars are typically limited to 60- to 90-minutes and include a combination of polls, chats, and interactive exercises.

Webinars can take place at the day and time of your choosing, and we can work together to customize the webinar to fit your needs. I often integrate ‘office hours’ into virtual workshops to help you and your teams improve their specific projects, presentations, and data visualizations. These can consist of questions specific to data or project challenges. 

Standard webinars cover a variety of topics from general data visualization to presentation skills to specific Excel and PowerPoint skills. I also conduct trainings in the R programming language and the Tableau dashboarding tool. 

noun_data visualization_2019418

Learn about a whole new set of data visualization types and techniques. From slope charts to dot plots to tile grid maps, I’ll help you and your team expand your data visualization toolbox.


Tired of slide after slide of bullet point after bullet point? Let’s work together to create better presentations that make it more likely for your audience to grasp and retain your content.


Expand your formula and data visualization skills in Microsoft Excel. Learn how to create heatmaps, slope charts, sparklines, and more in this hands-on training.


Learn the new tricks and tips in PowerPoint 2016/Office 365. You’ll learn how to use apply the layering technique, learn the new Morph transition, how to align objects, and more.