Talk Like TEED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds

Talk Like TEED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds

By: Carmine Gallo
  • TED Talks have redefined the elements of a successful presentation and become the gold standard for public speaking.
  • Gallo breaks down the secrets of giving a great presentation
  • Gallo’s step-by-step method makes it possible for anyone to deliver a presentation that is engaging, persuasive, and memorable.

Mostly stories of TED talks; not so much on how to Talk LIke TED

Not a bad read overall; it's quick and easy to get through, yet it doesn't really provide any meaningful insight into how to "Talk Like TED." The essence of Gallo's few instructions comments you can find from any decent book on public speaking: be authentic; gestures are important; be funny; make an impact; visuals are powerful; have passion. I think that covers it all for this books, as far as public speaking is concerned.

If you're interested in the context around some of the more popular TED talks, then this book really shines. It is well written; it's just that the content and title are incongruent.

A. Kecskes

A. Kecskes

Austin, TX

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I can highly recommend this book

Talk This Way!
Using a host of TED Talks, Carmine Gallo offers a powerful argument for how to deliver public presentations. Having taught speech for over 20 years and being a former speechwriter, I can highly recommend this book. Gallo suggests speaking with emotion and passion; telling compelling, relevant stories; having a conversation with the audience; teaching something new; inserting show-stopping elements; using situational and personal humor; and, delivering information in short 10-minute segments punctuated by soft breaks—stories, pictures, videos.

Steve Gladis


Great Book!

I used this as a supplement for our homeschooled daughter. She's in 10th grade and needed a speech credit. I feel like she learned more from this book than she did the actual curriculum we used. She loved it so much she ended up buying it for her boyfriend as a gift.

T and T's mom

Dallas, TX

Can be Useful but Has Its Limitations

I'll preface this by saying that books written by business coaches/consultants usually annoy the heck out of me, as they are generally filled with narcissistic self-references and do a horrendous job summarizing actual scientific findings. To some extent, this book does the same. But while other such books usually garner 1-star reviews from me, "Talk Like Ted" has its redeeming qualities. As many others have noted, this could have been a much, much shorter book; as such, I recommend taking what you need from it and skipping the rest, as it's easy to get the point of each chapter by the first one-third of it. I liked the main point each chapter provides, but I felt like they fell short on application. For example, in Chapter 1, Gallo repeats over and over again the importance of passion, but does nothing to provide guidance on how the reader can find such passion. I guess this reflects his lack of knowledge of the science behind such principles. Despite all of the shortcomings of this book, though, I do believe a reader can sort through it for things to apply to one's own presentation opportunities. At the very least, while nothing in this book is cutting edge knowledge, it does contain enough reminders that can escape our consciousness after a while.



9 Public Speaking Secrets made into common sense.

This is a fantastic book. Gallo really gives extended evidence to back up the 9 'secrets'. The only draw back is that at times it may seem to be long winded, however you leave each chapter fully understanding what contributes to excellent public speaking/presentation. It truly inspires you to tackle all of your business presentations and make sure that all of your audiences are fully engaged and walk away with a new idea.

Vanessa W. Blake


Home Run

If you stand in front of people for a living this book should be mandatory for you to read. What an inspiring book on public speaking. They make it much more than a presentation. They teach how to grab others hearts and truly impact those you are speaking too. Everything is practical which is the best part. No matter your experience this book will inspire and teach you to be a better speaker.



A must for every masters, medical, dental, law,... graduate student who has to go through interviews for next phase of education

Whether your professional student or job applicant thinks they know everything or needs a step by step guide, this is a must have book for anyone going through interviews or panels. In fact, I'm finding it useful for myself and my church committee involvement and husband is looking it over for misc needs in his 30 year blue collar job.



Great book to have for public speaking

I was asked to speak to a group of physicians and grieving families about being an organ donor. This book was suggested to me and really helped me work on refining my public speaking skills. I enjoy Ted Talk programs and this gave me insight on how much the delivery is important when keeping the audiences attention.



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Carmine Gallo


Carmine Gallo is a popular keynote speaker, Harvard instructor, and communication advisor for the world’s most admired brands. His new book is FIVE STARS: The Communication Secrets to Get From Good to Great. Gallo is the author of 9 books including international bestsellers: Talk Like TED, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, The Apple Experience, and The Storyteller’s Secret. Join Carmine’s list at and follow him on Twitter @carminegallo.

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