My “Month of Story” continues! And I’ve finally started publishing some blog posts on the issue, so check out the PolicyViz blog all this week. On the podcast, the Month of Story continues this week with Jan Willem Tulp. Jan Willem is a data experience designer and has created some incredible visualizations for Scientific American, Popular Science, Google, Unicef, and many more.

In this week’s episode, I chat with Jan Willem about some of his recent and upcoming projects. And, of course, we talk about data and story–what it means and how we can do it well.

Oh, yeah, and apologies for my voice. I’m still trying to get over a bit of a cold and losing my voice.

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Episode Notes

Tulp Interactive

Inaugurate, a visualization about U.S. presidential inauguration speeches

Goldilocks: Visualizing Exoplanets

Scientific American Flavor Connections


JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS

Data Viz Info Kit (Includes interview with Kaiser Fung and Alberto Cairo)

Audio Player