This podcast episode wraps up my Month of Story (and the end of my lost voice!). Over the past month, I’ve done a number of presentations and blog writing about stories, and I’ve talked to some incredible journalists and data specialists about how they view stories and data. I feel I’ve learned a lot about the structure of story and what it means to tell stories with data. In my mind, stories are powerful and memorable, but more often than not, what we do with data is to not tell stories, but to make a point, an argument, or an reveal an insight. We can tell stories with data, but I think we should save that word–and the idea behind what it really means to tell a story–for times when we can and we actually are telling stories.

Anyways, to the podcast. In this episode, I turn to what it takes to tell stories when you are presenting in front of an audience. To help, I speak with Scott Schwertly, CEO of Ethos3 and author of the new book, What’s Your Presentation Persona?In this episode, we talk about Scott’s book, his favorite presentation tips, and, of course, storytelling.

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Episode Notes


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