The “open” movement consists of different product types–we all know about open data and open source code, for example. But more and more, we’re seeing open book writing. Last year, Hadley Wickham wrote his book on R in an open platform. And today, I’m pleased to welcome Rune Madsen to the PolicyViz Podcast to talk about his open book writing project, Programming Design Systems. Rune and I talk about the process behind the book writing and what it’s like to undertake such a project publicly (more or less). We also talk about design generally, why designers should learn to code, and some of his other great projects.

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Episode Notes

Rune’s Book | Programming Design Systems | MagicBookProject

Rune’s Site

Intelligent Design Group at NYU’s Interactive Design Program



JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS

Data Viz Info Kit (Includes interview with Kaiser Fung and Alberto Cairo)