Michael Taylor from ColdWater Economics writes in the following:

Dear HelpMeViz,

I wonder if you could give me some pointers. I am an economist, and my particular speciality is tracking global data. For this exercise, I am following approximately 400 datapoints a month, in Asia, Europe and the US.  At the moment, I have made only very limited attempts to visualize the results, by simply publishing a 6wk trendline, drawn in Excel. Here’s how it looks:


And by region. . . .


Very standard, rather dull and even, I’d say, slightly confusing (for the regional chart).

What I’d like to do is produce a daily ‘heat map’ schematic featuring the US, Eurozone, Britain, China, Japan, NE Asia and Australia (possibly India too), with a representation of how the 6wk trends are developing in each of these areas. So if things are going well in the US, that bit of the  map would show up in gradations of red (or whatever colour seems best), whilst if things are going badly in China, it shows up in the opposite colour. In an ideal world, it would also be nice if there could be a 3D element – in the case offered, the US rising red out of the page, whilst China sinks  blue down below.

I have been looking for mapping tools able to do this, but have so far found nothing that can help. Do you have any ideas?

Best wishes

**UPDATE: The data are now available here.