Lars Verspohl (@lverspohl) writes in:

I’ve got an issue that might have a hopefully simple solution, but if so, I can’t see it and couldn’t find an answer to it.

I have bar charts showing a time-series per x-axis category (across 12 weeks).

I would now like to show a second set of data organised in the same way (time-series across 12 weeks showing per x-axis category), however as a line-graph.

I’m not sure this is possible in the same chart, and I’m happy with this being in a second chart that I can overlay. Still, as I’m unsure as to how to go about this I guess my question is:

How do I organise a line-chart within each x-axis category? I appreciate that D3 can solve this elegantly, but unfortunately this needs to be in Excel for now.

Any other suggestions for better ways to visualize the data are certainly welcome.

(Excel data file)