Help for a Clustered Column Chart

I’m a researcher in science education and communication, currently doing my PhD in visual learning and communication. I’m always trying to improve my communication skills. Frankly, the standard excel bar charts are to common in the journals in my field,…

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Stacked Column Chart

Hi, I have been trying to get a good visualization of the cumulative causes of changes to a pension fund’s unfunded liability by cause: -I have tried a waterfall graph – but it is very difficult to “read”. -I tried…

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Visualizing Health Care

The new Republican health care program proposal–the American Health Care Act–was released yesterday (March 6) and with it came the expected comparisons with the effects under The Affordable Care Act. At the Kaiser Family Foundation, Cynthia Cox estimated the changes of…

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Run Time Column Chart

The numbers in this table are run times for different graph processing libraries using five different algorithms on six different datasets. We are comparing the performance of our library, Gunrock (in term of run time) with several other libraries for various…

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Displaying Progress

Hi, I’ve attached two simple graphs (and data) that illustrate my attempts to display progress (or ‘direction of travel’) made by clients in a service. They were assessed when they come into the service, and again when they exit, in…

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HelpMeViz - Reach Comparison, Hourly Breakdown - B

Line or Column?

I want to show several performance metrics in an hourly breakdown, let’s take Facebook Ad Clicks (for a specific advertiser/campaign) as an example (data). Each value in the X-axis represents one hour. Since the timeframe is only 24h, and the breakdown is…

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nolan files

Christopher Nolan Filmography

Saw this in New York magazine. It’s a column chart of Christopher Nolan’s nine films and includes domestic running time, box office returns, and the rotten tomatoes score. There’s got to be a better way to do this. I’ve created…

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Percentages and Targets

This request for help comes from Mike Clark. I am aiming to compare two categories (both in percentage), one of which can and does have negative values for particular locations, and then grouped into regions. There is also a 75%…

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