The numbers in this table are run times for different graph processing libraries using five different algorithms on six different datasets. We are comparing the performance of our library, Gunrock (in term of run time) with several other libraries for various algorithms on various datasets, and want to show the speedups. The current bar chart grouped the results by algorithm first, then showed the speedups on 6 datasets for each algorithm. If a number is 0, it means the run time for that library is not available. For PageRank (PR), when comparing with BGL, we are using Gunrock-full-PR (meaning we run the full algorithm), while when comparing with all other datasets, we are using the values in Gunrock column (which only run one iteration of PR). The current problem is that the graph looks pretty messy, we want to figure out a clearer way to present our speedup over other libraries. Also, we prefer to use a black-and-white color scheme because the paper might be printed out without color.

Thanks for your help!