This request for help comes from Mike Clark.

I am aiming to compare two categories (both in percentage), one of which can and does have negative values for particular locations, and then grouped into regions. There is also a 75% threshold that I would like to show – the 75% is relevant only for the blue category.

What I hope to show is the relationship between the blue (% variance to budget) and orange (% variance FTEs) categories. For example, when the % variance to budget values exceed the 75% threshold–which is good–is that because the %FTEs are positive percentages (i.e., they used more staff than budgeted)? Or does the % variance to budget exceed 75% (again, the good result) when fewer staff are budgeted (negative % FTE)? While the current graph has the two bars side by side is there a better way to show the relationship? Any other general observations would also be appreciated as I don’t know how to avoid having some location labels overlapping the negative bars.

The Excel file is available here.