The “On…” series is a collection of short blog posts relating to data visualization, economics, presentation skills, or data communication. In each, I discuss an issue, concept, or idea that I have not fully developed, a work in progress, or just some thoughts about a topic or issue I’d like to share.

The Match It! data visualization card game is back!!!

It came out a couple of years ago (a collaboration between myself and Severino Ribecca at the Data Visualisation Catalogue) as a fun way for people–both kids and adults–to learn about graphs and charts. We sold out of the game a few months ago and it’s taken a bit of time to get new sets produced and shipped. But the game is now back in stock and is being shipped separately from Spain and from the United States, which will reduce shipping costs and speed up delivery times.

If you haven’t seen it, Match It! is a fast-paced, data visualization-themed game consists of 31 cards with 6 chart icons on each. There is one and exactly one identical chart icon on any two cards. It’s up to you to find the match. Along with Game Instructions cards and a Symbol Guide, everything is packed into a round, cardboard box.

I’m excited to have more games out in the world. I’ve used them to teach kids and adults, and have found it a fun, interactive way to help people learn about more ways to visualize their data. I hope you will too.

Buy the Match It! Data Visualization Game here!