You have the poster on your wall and the desktop sheet tacked next to your computer. You’ve flipped through the card pack to learn specific definitions for specific graph types.

Now comes a game! Today, I’m are excited to announce The Graphic Continuum Match It Game, the latest addition to the line of Graphic Continuum projects.

This fast-paced, data visualization-themed game consists of 31 cards with 6 chart icons on each. There is one and exactly one identical chart icon on any two cards. It’s up to you to find the match. Along with Game Instructions cards and a Symbol Guide, everything is packed into a round, cardboard box.

The aim of our earlier projects was to give you a library of graphic types that you could reference as you developed your ideas to visualize your data. With the game, our goal is a little bit different: Fun!

It turns out that the game is fun and educational. I played early draft versions with my kids. Not only would they try to find the match, but they would reference the Symbol Guide to learn the names of the different chart types. So now my kids know what a Radar Chart is and how a Waffle Chart works.

I’m obviously hopeful data visualization enthusiasts will pick up the game to have some fun, but now I’m also hoping that kids and maybe some educators will find the game fun and educational.

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