I found this graph from EuroStat a few days ago and started playing around with it. You can find the original data and reports here. I put a remake on Twitter and folks were chiming in left and right, so I’m posting it here so others can take a pass.

To sum up, I’m not a fan of this graph (which groups like Eurostat, UNESCO, and the UN routinely make) for 4 primary reasons:

1. Stacking 2014 and 2015. As far as I can tell from the text, this is not a cumulative measure (though they are clearly correlated.)

2. Rotated x-axis labels are hard to read (though I do like the little flag icons), so I would rotate the whole thing.

3. The legend is far away from the data. It could be better integrated with the graph itself, as I tried to do in my remake.

4. I don’t like the mixed encodings (columns and circles) for the different variables. I find it hard to read.

I think this dot plot does a better job of showing the data and linking these parts together. But you may have thoughts about changing the line color or label color/boldness.

Anyways, here’s my original file with labels and whatnot. I created it on Excel 2013 on my PC parallel, so if the labels don’t show up for you, that’s probably why.