I’m having problems with this Titanic data set.

The problem is mainly how to tell a compelling story ?

I know my variables of interest well, those include Pclass, Age, Survived, Sex. I’ve spent quite some time exploring the data set (exploratory graphs) and found that a mosaic plot explores the trends in the data set really well. Here’s a picture I found on r-bloggers showing the mosaic plot

So I guess I’m good with the exploratory graphs, but I really have no clue about the explanatory ones. How do I tell a story about my findings of the data set that has interactions and animations ?

Even if I found a way to make this mosaic plot interactive, users won’t probably understand it from the first glance because it is a bunch of rectangles with different sizes.

I tried a couple of data visualization tools like RAW and Tableau, but i didn’t find a graph that would show the trends in the data in a simple way and is intractable and has animations.