Hi, I’m currently working on a dashboard and I’m sure there is a way to improve it but can’t really get ideas flowing, I’m hoping the community could shed some light through your site!

Dashboard parameters

This dashboard serves as a monitoring tool as well as a way to visualize the evolution of the indicators over 5 years, the company I’m doing this for are not very mature in terms of dashboard usage, but I’m trying them to get to the point where this dashboard will be their strategic dashboard and not just a datapuke’d dashboard

Also, this is a dashboard that is consulted on paper, and double sided printing is not an issue. If I continue the way I am doing things, I will have about 25 pages with double-sided printing (so about 50 pages!!)

Therefore, my goal is to reduce the number of pages, and this is where I need your help to see if there is any other visualization I can use to achieve this. Ideally it will hover around the 10 pages max with double sided printing (if double sided printing is even needed)

How to read the dashboard

So the indicators are categorized in themes, there are 5 themes and a total of 45 indicators across the themes, some themes have 10+ indicators, some themes have 4- indicators (yes I know that is a lot, but the general idea is that eliminating indicators is not possible at this moment).

There are two levels to the dashboard: summary and details.

In the summary level, I have presented a pretty straight forward table with some information as such:

Health Spending 2015_image1

Here, there is a list of all the indicators for the theme, and those with no data are greyed out (this was a requirement from the client, they wanted to see what data was missing). The target is annual, so the red indication just gives the people an idea that the target won’t be reached if the trend goes on in a similar manner

This summary shows the rolling/cumulative YTD results in the results column, so Q1 is from Jan-Mar, Q2 would be from Jan-June, etc…

This is my way of satisfying the monitoring tool role of the dashboard.

In order to see the details, one can navigate to the page number found on the last column of an indicator

The details level is my way of satisfying the 5 years evolution part of the dashboard, and this for each indicator individually

In the details level, I have the annual, quarter and month view for each indicator over 5 years (as per requested by the client), as such:

Health Spending 2015_image2

So here, in the annual level, I have created a 2nd series to show the target and the value for the YTD, the other two are hopefully self-explanatory (sorry there are French writings in the screenshot but it just means total for the year and cible means target).

I think you get the idea, 5 themes = 5 pages, 45 indicators total = +45 pages = 50 pages…and this is when all the indicators will be available, since right now there’s a lot of them that are greyed out because data is not available

Hopefully I have identified my issue for your community to help me out, thank you!

Data available here.