Happy New Year!

As we enter the New Year, HelpMeViz is providing a platform for people working with all types of data and all types of visualizations to receive feedback and advice. There are now 6 visualizations under active discussion and more are on the way.

To help encourage conversation, a few clarifying points to the site’s submission guidelines are worth making:

1. It is not mandatory to include data with your submission. Many people have employment restrictions or use restricted data–providing the full data set is therefore not feasible. Alternatives to not providing the data include removing category or series labels, or adding random components to the data in order to maintain confidentiality or clear disclosure requirements.

2. For the same reason, you may request to not have your name or affiliation listed with your submission (as you may have already seen on a few of the first submissions).

3. Feel free to submit visualizations that have already been published. Perhaps you want to see how someone else would have visualized the same data or there was something with which you weren’t quite satisfied.

4. Any and all problems–no matter how big or small–are worthy of inclusion.

5. Submissions related to presentation design–especially those related to data visualization–are also welcome.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, our little blue friend is named “Billy”.


Photo Credit: Joybot via Compfight cc