Thanks so much for tuning into the first two episodes of the PolicyViz Podcast. On this week’s episode, I welcome Eric Klotz, founder of Visualized, to discuss the challenges and excitement around data visualization conferences.

Eric and I have been working together over the past few weeks to put together the May 21 conference, Visualized: Political Data in Washington, DC. The conference features some great people in the field of political data visualization including Ben Casselman from 538, Derek Willis from the New York Times, Lisa Strausfield from Information Art, and Alyson Hurt from NPR.

Prior to the conference, I’ll be conducting two, half-day workshops with Ben Chartoff. If you’re interested, please select this link to register.

Do you have questions about data visualization or presentation skills? Open data or big data? Ideas for guests? Or maybe you want to be a guest? Or there’s just something on your mind? Please send me an email, hit me up on Twitter, or use the comment box below. Let me know how I’m doing, where you think this podcast should go, and topics I should try to cover.

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