Episode #74: GovTech Singapore

in Data Projects, DataViz Community

Welcome back to The PolicyViz Podcast! On this week’s episode, I chat with Feng-yuan Liu and Shangqian Lee from GovTech Singapore. GovTech is responsible for using technology and data to help transform the public sector in Singapore. Their role includes deploying a wide range of solutions within the public sector. I first found out about GovTech’s work from their blog post about solving a series of subway slowdowns in Singapore–the so-called “Rogue Train” (and via a shout-out from my former Georgetown student, Anthea Piong–thanks, Anthea!).

In this episode, I chat with Feng and Shangqian about GovTech’s role, the data visualization scene in Singapore, and we dive into more details about the Rogue Train. I hope you find the discussion as interesting as I do!

Episode Notes

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