In this week’s episode, I start to celebrate my new book, Elevate the Debate: A Multilayered Approach to Communicating Your Research. Co-authored with my colleagues in the communications department at the Urban Institute, the goal of the book is to show you–researcher, data analyst, communicator–how to communicate your work in the best ways possible.

In a crowded and chaotic media environment, it can be hard for facts and data to break through and inform the important policy conversations that affect people’s everyday lives. In today’s episode, I share an episode from the Urban Institute’s Critical Value podcast where host Justin Milner talks with myself, Urban’s chief communications officer Bridget Lowell, and strategic communications director Kate Villarreal about how researchers and nonprofit leaders can become expert communicators and shapers of today’s policy debates.

Want to win a free copy of the book? Listen to the first few minutes of the episode!

Episode Notes

Elevate the Debate: A Multilayered Approach to Communicating Your Research

EtD Book Webpage

Additional praise and notes about EtD

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