HelpMeViz is pleased to announce that starting next week a new type of post will appear on the site: The “Remake Gallery” will include examples of suggested improvements to different data visualizations. The purpose of the Remake Gallery is to provide another place for the data visualization community to learn, critique, and improve the way in which people visualize their data.

Most entries in the Gallery will be re- or cross-posted from other websites; others will be HelpMeViz originals produced by experts in the field of data visualization. For those re- or cross-posts, introductory text will also appear with a “Continue Reading” button that will bring you to the original remake. The “before” images will be posted on the HelpMeViz main page with a blue “Remake” banner. Entries will also appear in the “Remake Gallery” category for easier filtering.

If you would like your remake to appear in the HelpMeViz Remake Gallery, please send an email to