Donations vs. Disease

Randy Krum from Cool Infographics writes in: In August, published The Truth about the Ice Bucket Challenge and included an infographic (“Where We Donate vs. Diseases That Kill Us”) that used proportionally-sized circles as its data visualization. The problem…

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Plotting Internet Use

I want to use Census data to examine the relationship between Internet use and the age of people in the household. Because all the values are so high (towards 100%), it might appear strange to have so much white space if…

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Tax Scatterplot

From Howard Chernick (Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY), Cordelia Reimers (Hunter College, CUNY), and Jennifer Tennant (Ithaca College): This is a scatter of the actual change in state tax revenue, 2007-2009, per number of federal returns, against a…

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Cost-Import Scatterplot

The following request comes from an economics book publisher. The existing figure is a scatterplot (originally constructed in Stata) with nearly 56,000 data points (csv file here). Ideally, the graph would follow the publisher’s basic style: Times New Roman font;…

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