The following request comes from an economics book publisher. The existing figure is a scatterplot (originally constructed in Stata) with nearly 56,000 data points (csv file here). Ideally, the graph would follow the publisher’s basic style: Times New Roman font; no horizontal gridlines; and black-and-white printing. Because the publisher is constrained by their existing style guidelines, they don’t have a particular “problem” with the figure, but is interested to see what alternatives people might consider.

As for context, here is the abridged lead-in text to the Figure:
“To get a sense of the overall impact, Figure 1 plots the a(i) ratio [unit cost of product a of variety i] against its share in total imports within the sample for 2004. The most distorted goods tend to be a smaller share of imports. However, there are a number of goods that are relatively important with significant distortion.”