Announcing The Rad Presenters Podcast!

I know some really rad presenters. One of the raddest in Stephanie Evergreen, which is why I’m absolutely thrilled to launch a brand new podcast with her. The Rad Presenters Podcast!

Each episode we will cover a new topic related to presenting – picking great images, the array of slide deck software, audience engagement strategies, and so on.

AND (this is my favorite part) we will frequently feature rad presenters we all know and love so we can pick their brains and steal their ideas. We already have a great line up ready to go.

Do you have questions about presenting? Facing a difficult presentation scenario? Send your question to or post on Twitter @radpresenters and we will answer on the air.

Talking about visuals in an audio-based podcast forum is not a funny joke. The site will be where we post any slide images or other resources related to each episode. Subscribe there to get new content into your mailbox or follow us on Twitter to see when we post something fresh.

Your evening walks, subway rides, and short flights are about to be a lot more productive! This is going to be so fun!

In this first episode we talk about what you can expect in our podcast series, give homage to our own presentations heroes, share the most useful advice we’ve been giving (it isn’t what you’re thinking), and discuss the best and worst presentations we’ve seen lately.