Scatterplot Help

This is a modified scatter plot I dreamt up to display more than two variables without using bubbles. It’s not a finished product; just an idea that seemed like it might have some potential. I built a simple test version…

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Bubble Map

I am writing to request review on one of my first d3 visualizations. This project is a part of the capstone projects under the Udacity Data Analyst Program. One of the project requirements is to gather feedback from online community. The…

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Donor Bubbles

A story in yesterday’s Washington Post about unlimited individual campaign donations included this interactive bubble chart. In it, donation data for Democratic and Republican donors are encoded into bubbles and grouped together. A comment below the article asked the following:…

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The Cost of War

This request for help with an interactive visualization built in d3 comes from Tim Hayes. This interactive visualization presents the thousands of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2001 and 2014. The data came from the Washington Post’s…

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State Migration Flows

In late November, Chris Ingraham posted his interactive remake of a radial network diagram of state-level U.S. migration data. He’s asking the community for alternative approaches. Below is a sample of the text from the alternative on his bl.ocks page, but…

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