Donations vs. Disease

Randy Krum from Cool Infographics writes in: In August, published The Truth about the Ice Bucket Challenge and included an infographic (“Where We Donate vs. Diseases That Kill Us”) that used proportionally-sized circles as its data visualization. The problem…

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Donor Bubbles

A story in yesterday’s Washington Post about unlimited individual campaign donations included this interactive bubble chart. In it, donation data for Democratic and Republican donors are encoded into bubbles and grouped together. A comment below the article asked the following:…

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SNAP Participation & Outreach

I am trying to visualize the relationship between Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (“food stamps”) participation and community outreach by state (data here). I started with a scatterplot, which showed a strong positive correlation between the two variables, but the (potential causal) relationship…

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Charting Player Impact vs Time on Court

Over on, Mynda Treacy from MyOnlineTrainingHub wrote a guest blog post about visualizing basketball data. Mynda writes about and teaches Excel skills, ranging from number formats to chart types to VBA code. In her PolicyViz post, Mynda walks through her…

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