Better Presentations

I wrote my book on presentation skills to help you—the data analyst, researcher, or scholar—improve the way you conceptualize, create, and deliver your presentations. I want to show you a better way to deliver your content so that it will be remembered and acted upon.

This website hosts a carefully curated and comprehensive list of blogs, books, tools, and resources you can use as you strive to create, design, and deliver better presentations.

Experience design inspiration, find better images and icons, be more efficient in your software tool, and discover other experts in the field of presentations and data visualization.

Most of these links take you to outside resources. The Book Materials section delivers materials I’ve created and which I promised in my book. I hope they prove as useful to you as they are to me when I design my own presentations.

If you haven’t picked up a copy, get started with my latest book, Better Presentations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in these pages (especially books) are affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase using these links without incurring you additional costs.


PowerPoint files, icons, images, worksheets, and checklists.


This section contains my own PowerPoint files, icons, images, worksheets, and checklists. These are my resources for you to use as you create and deliver your presentations. You may adapt, edit, and modify these resources with your content.


Books, blogs, and teaching tools on how to give great presentations.


A collection of resources to help you design, create, and deliver great presentations.


Books, blogs, and tools to help you visualize your data.


A collection of resources to help you learn about and create effective visualizations.


Inspiration, Collections, Icons, Images, Fonts, & Color Tools


Explore resources to help you create content that will engage your reader and audience.


PowerPoint Tips, Presentation Tools, and Websites


Resources and platforms to create and deliver better presentations.

Praise for Better Presentations!

“Jon does an excellent job laying out an easy-to-follow framework for approaching presentation design, from overall flow to simple tweaks anyone can make to a slide to make it easier for your audience to connect to your story. Unlike many other presentation and visualization design books that focus primarily on examples from business (sales, profit, KPIs, etc.), I’ve found his book to be highly relatable for those working in social sector programs and would recommend it to anyone looking to rock their next big presentation.”

-SpeakerHub, naming Better Presentations one of the best new books for speakers in 2018

“Better Presentations is a simple, well-written, visual book

that is useful for students, teachers, and other academics, as well as for anyone who needs to give data-driven presentations. Check it out.”

-Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen

“Better Presentations is a helpful guide for anybody

who regularly gives talks based on research. Or anybody who gives any kind of presentation, really.”

-Robert Kosara,

“[A]s someone who also presents quite often,

[Schwabish] has now turned his attention to creating better presentations with his just released book aptly titled, Better Presentations. I highly recommend it also with Jon’s excellent PolicyViz blog, podcast and training services.”

-Nolan Haims, Nolan Haims Creative

“[Jon] is a great speaker

and an engagingly opinionated personality, and as I listened to him explain his approach, with his examples, I realised that he’s a great teacher too. The book is a teaching tool for anyone who wants to learn how to use data for their own work or teach others how to do it.”

-Jim Harvey, Presentation Guru

As part of the popular genre for business books

that help professionals create and deliver more effective presentations, Better Presentations by Johnathan Schwabish stands out as a gem to guide a very specific and growing niche: data-driven professionals.

-Lorraine Tamburrino, Core Speech Communications

“As with data visualisation itself,

I have doubts about how many scientists graduate from university with well-developed presentation and public-speaking skills. Schwabish’s book may well be the module missing from college that helps free us from the tyranny of PowerPoint presentations…”

-Alan Smith, The Financial Times

While the subtitles says it’s for “scholars, researchers, and wonks”—

and the book is clearly written with them in mind—nearly all of of Jon’s thoroughly researched and well written tips and strategies are applicable to business presentations as well. If you ever give presentations, you should read this book.

-Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, Storytelling with Data