A visualization by the Wall Street Journal on trends in infectious diseases prompted a nice blog post by Andy Kirk and, in turn, prompted a discussion between myself and Andy Cotgreave, of Tableau Software and overall awesome dataviz-ness.

As I did earlier in January with Cole Nussbaumer, I asked Andy to join me for a quick conversation about this visualization and, by extension, aesthetics in data visualization more generally. Our conversation ranged across a number of visualizations and topics; links are below.

Best line from Andy: “Every visualization is a compromise.”

I hope you enjoy it.

Note: Oh, and sorry for some of the poor quality of the audio. I’m investing in some better recording software, so the next one of these (coming soon!) should be better.


Wall Street Journal | Battling Infectious Disease

Eric Rodenbeck on Data Stories

How to Lie with Statistics

Iraq’s Bloody Toll

Andy’s Awesome Youtube video about Iraq’s Bloody Toll

Business Insider | Gun Deaths in Florida

Andy’s Design Month