Hi everyone, welcome back to the show! This will be the last episode for the summer. I’m going to take a break from podcasting for the next two months, do some writing, relaxing, and traveling, and gear up for a busy fall. I’ll be recording episodes over the next couple of months, so be ready in September for some great new episodes. If you have suggestions for folks you’d like to hear from, please reach out.

For this, the final episode of, say, the school year, I’m so excited to chat with Catherine Madden, self-described “UX Designer, Strategist, Data Lover, and Doodler.” I finally met Catherine in person at this year’s Tapestry conference and have been a big fan of her work for some time. I’m no illustrator and her work just amazes me. In this episode, we talk about why even I can be an illustrator, the tools she uses, and how she teaches others to draw data. She even made a sketchnote for this episode!

So that’s all for this half of 2017. Have a great, safe summer, and I’ll be talking to you in the fall!

Episode Notes

Catherine’s siteBlog post about her project with Apple

Drawing Data Class (free!)

Sketchnoting Class and Visual Resume Class (for Skillshare subscribers)

Tapestry Conference Talk | Tapestry Sketch Notes

Adobe Draw App

Paper App

Dan Roam, Show and Tell