Welcome back to the PolicyViz Podcast. This week, I’m pleased to welcome Elijah Meeks to the show to talk about his work as a Senior Data Visualization Engineer at Netflix and the state of data visualization jobs. Elijah sparked a debate in February with a somewhat cryptic tweet wondering why, in his experience, people in dataviz are transitioning to engineering or UI. His tweet rocketed through the dataviz community, and Elijah has since written a few blog posts, inspired some others, and talked on the Data Stories Podcast, among others.

In this episode, I chat with Elijah about the state of the field, as well as his work at Netflix. I think we cover some different ground than Elijah’s talked about elsewhere, and I push back a bit on some of his claims. In all, a really interesting conversation and one that certainly needs to happen as the field continues to grow and expand.

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Episode Notes

Elijah | If Data Visualization is So Hot, Why Are People Leaving? | 2017 Data Visualization Survey Results


Digital Humanities at Stanford

Eric Socolofsky | Visualizing, The Field: Finding Our Way

Data Stories podcast episode with Elijah Meeks



Presentation Guild

Wall St. Journal | Battling Infectious Diseases in the 20th Century: The Impact of Vaccines

PolicyViz | Disclosure Rules for the Data Visualization Community

Books mentioned in this episode:

Edward Tufte, The Visual Display of Information

Stephen Few, Now You See It and Show Me the Numbers

Jacque Bertin, Semiology of Graphics

Jon Schwabish, Better Presentations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks