Welcome back to the show! I’m super excited to chat with Nadieh Bremer on this week’s show. Nadieh is an astronomer by training who came to love data visualization. (Does anyone come to data visualization directly??). Her projects include web-based interactive visualizations, where she uses storytelling to show insights into complex data, and static visualizations that typically allow a bit more freedom in their design.

Nadieh and I talk about her talk at the 2016 OpenVisConf on SVG, which received rave reviews, and the array of incredible projects she’s working on. We also talk about her Rising Star Award at this year’s Information is Beautiful Awards.

Nadieh also has a special announcement in the episode, so be sure to listen through the whole episode–you’ll want to be in on the big announcement.

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Episode Notes

Nadieh Projects and Awards

Visual Cinnamon

Nadieh at 2016 OpenVisConf

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Information is Beautiful 2016 Rising Star Award

The Words Spoken in the Lord of the Rings