On this week’s episode of The PolicyViz Podcast, I chat with Kim Rees, who is Co-founder and Head of Visualization at the data visualization firm Periscopic. You may know Kim from her great work at Periscopic, her talk at the Visualized or OpenVisConf conferences (plus many others), or even from her earlier appearance on this podcast.

In this week’s episode, Kim and I talk about a wide ranging set of issues facing the data and data visualization communities, as well as what the future holds. We talk about empathy with data; data visualization critique; and new technologies people working with data may (or may not) use in the future. Every time I talk with Kim, I find myself energized to do better work with data.

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Episode Notes

Periscopic Projects

Gun Deaths

A World of Terror

Jonathan Corum | Talk at 2014 Visualized Conference

Shan Carter (Twitter)

Alexa (Amazon Echo)

Kim Rees & Mushon Zer-Aviv on #ThePolicyVizPodcast

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