On this week’s episode of The PolicyViz Podcast, I’m pleased to chat with Drew Skau and Robert Kosara, who co-authored a couple of papers on how we perceive the quantities in pie charts. Their work centers on how do we perceive quantities in pie charts–is it angle of the slice, size of the circle, length of the arc? We also discuss data visualization research more broadly and upcoming conferences.

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Episode Notes

Robert Kosara | EagerEyes | An Empire Built On Sand

eager eyes logo

Drew Skau and Robert Kosara | Arcs, Angles, or Areas: Individual Data Encodings in Pie and Donut Charts

Robert Kosara and Drew Skau | Judgment Error in Pie Chart Variations

Robert’s blog post on the pie charts papers

Walter Crosby Eells | The Relative Merits of Circles and Bars for Representing Component Parts | Robert’s post on the Eells paper

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Lane Harrison on The PolicyVizPodcast

IEEE VIS 2016 Conference | BELIV 2016 Conference

Juston Talbot, John Gerth, and Pat Hanrahan | “An Empirical Model of Slope Ratio Comparisons”

William Cleveland, Marylyn E. McGill, and Robert McGill | The Shape Parameter of a Two-Variable Graph | Cleveland on The PolicyViz Podcast


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