Welcome back to The PolicyViz Podcast. Number 55 if you’re keeping count. This is the final episode for the summer; I’m going to take some time off from recording, editing, and setting up before coming back in the fall with a new slate of guests and shows.

wsc-mBut before I go to the beach and put my feet up, one last episode. And it’s awesome. I’m very excited to have William Cleveland join me on the show this week. You’ve probably heard of some paper by “Cleveland and McGill”–yes, that Cleveland joins me on the show this week. We talk about his seminal research, his recent work on big data, intensive computational techniques, and more.

Just a few notes about what’s coming up in September. First off, I may not post an episode every week. With my book coming out in November and a deluge of other work, I may just slow it down a bit. Second, with the closing of the Rad Presenters Podcast, I’ll probably have a few folks on who focus on presentation skills. I’ll also probably have more researchers on the show, to highlight good, important research, and to talk about the ins and outs of actually working with data. Finally, if you or your organization would like to help sponsor the show, please do get in touch. Your support is used for sound editing, design, website support, and the like.

itunes-logo-700And, last but not least, please rate the show on iTunes and help spread the word. Just a quick review would be great! Don’t overthink it: something like, “I love this show!” or “Great way to learn about data visualization” or “Great guests and great interviews!” would be terrific!

Thanks again for tuning in and have a great rest of your summer!

Episode Notes

William Cleveland | Purdue website | Google scholar site |

William Cleveland’s Books | Visualizing Data | The Elements of Graphing Data


Graphical Perception: Theory, Experimentation, and Application to the Development of Graphical Methods (with Robert McGill), 1984

Wikipedia entry on Data Science

John Tukey

Frank Anscombe


Maryland Institute College or Art program in Information Visualization