Tomorrow (April 6) marks the first birthday of The PolicyViz Podcast! Thanks so much for continuing to tune in every week; your support makes the show worth doing. And a special thanks to Juice Analytics for sponsoring this and many other episodes.

It’s fitting that episode #39 marks the first full year of the show because this week’s guest is none other than Alberto Cairo, who also appeared on the very first episode of the show. And, no, that was not by plan.

I’m excited to have Alberto back on the show this week to talk about data and data visualization generally, and his new book, The Truthful Art. In addition to talking about his book, we talk about the current state of data visualization, data journalism, and what Alberto has planned for the next year.

Thanks again for tuning in to the show. Please let me know who you would like to hear from in the next year of the PolicyViz Podcast.


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