Welcome back to the podcast! On this week’s episode, I sit down with three amazing people from different parts of the data visualization world to recap the 2018 OpenVisConf conference held in Paris, France earlier this month. Who do I get to chat with, you ask? Well, none other than the amazing Zan Armstrong,Nadieh Bremer, and Mike Freeman (links below). Apologies for the poor audio quality this time around–the four of us sat down after the conference while people were still milling about and cleaning up. Next time, I’ll get a dedicated room!

If you don’t know about OpenVisConf or have never attended, I strongly urge you to check out their website (for this and all previous years) as they publish the video of each talk. If you want to see and learn about cutting edge data visualization, this is where to turn.

Finally, one last plug for my two upcoming data visualization workshops with Stefanie Posavec coming this June. The first will take place on Thursday, June 14 in Chicago, IL, and the other on Tuesday, June 19 in Washington, DC. You can register for both workshops on our Eventbrite pages (Chicago and DC).

Episode Notes


Zan Armstrong | Website | Twitter | Previous PolicyViz Podcast appearance

Nadieh Bremer | Website | Twitter | Previous PolicyViz Podcast appearance

Mike Freeman | Website | Twitter