For the final episode of 2017, I’m super excited to chat with my old friendAndy Kirk from Visualising Data. You undoubtedly know Andy from his website, books, presentations, Twitter feed, monthly roundups, and overall data viz awesomeness. Andy is also a visiting lecturer at Imperial College, London teaching a visualisation module as part of the MSc Business Analytics programme, launched in 2015 and helps the Arsenal Performance Team with their data visualization needs.

In this week’s episode, Andy and I talk about his various projects including his Chart Maker Directory, VisBookFlipProject, and his monthly best of list. We also talk about the state of blogging in the data visualization field, and some of his favorites.

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So that wraps up this year! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Episode Notes

Visualising Data | Chart Maker Directory | Resources List | #VisBookFlipBook Project | The Little of Visualisation Design

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