Welcome to the 100th episode of the PolicyViz Podcast! 100 episodes! More than 100 guests spanning more than 33 hours to bring you the best of data visualization, open data, storytelling, and presentation skills. I hope you have enjoyed the show as much as I do interviewing interesting guests about interesting work.

On this week’s episode, I stick it out by myself to look back over the last couple of years. I discuss the most downloaded episodes and give you a little peak under the hood–how the episodes are put together, edited, and published. I then look ahead and talk about three of the topics I’ve been thinking about lately.

Oh, and I have special new music for this special show. This week, I’m featuring my friend’s band, The NRIs. Their music is available on iTunes, Spotify, and the major streaming services.

Some thanks are obviously do:
-Thanks to all the guests who have taken time out of their schedules to come on the show and chat with me.
-Thanks to Ken Skaggs for incredible sound editing.
-And thanks to you the listener for supporting the show!

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Episode Notes

Top 5 Episodes:

1. Edward Tufte

2. The Financial Times Graphic Desk

3. Data + Women

4. Drew Skau and Robert Kosara

5. Evan Sinar


Six Ideas for Displaying Qualitative Data by Ann K. Emery