I am trying to create an Excel column chart that displays a ‘Target’ column and an ‘Actual’ column by month. I would like the ‘Target’ column to always show on the chart in blue and next to it (right) I would like to display the ‘Actual’ number in green (if equal to or greater) or Red (less than). I have been able to get all three bars on the chart, but the difficulty is how to show the blue-green, or blue-red columns side-by-side depending on the ‘Actual’ value.

In other words, the issue is that when the Actual data is equal to, or greater than the Target, I want only the Target (blue) and one of the two Actual (green or red) columns to show.  As you can see, I can get all three, but not just the two I’m looking for. Also, there is too much space between the columns which are correct, i.e., January.

Any insight you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

The Excel file containing the data and the image can be found here.