Is pollution decreasing in the Baltic Sea?


I am working for an intergovernmental organization for the protection of the Baltic Sea called Helsinki Commission, also known as HELCOM.

I made this infographic explaining how much is the pollution being reduced in the Baltic Sea and how far are countries from their pollution reduction targets.

The target audience are the representative of each Baltic Sea country  – they need to understand how far are countries from their targets.

The format is a printed A3.

It has three parts:

1. Introduction: the problem and the aim of the infographic with a map showing sub basins, the main sub-divisions of the Baltic Sea, and its catchment area, the area in which rivers flow into the Baltic Sea.

2. Bar graphs showing that the pollution is being reduced in the whole Baltic Sea but that the target has not been reached yet.

3. Small multiple bar graphs showing how far are countries from target in each sub basin. The idea is that the user can explore data and draw own conclusions.

The challenges I am facing:

– How to make it more attractive? It looks quite boring but I am afraid of decorating too much and of adding too many colors. Now the focus goes to part 2 which is the most important. That’s why I decided to leave parts 1 and 2 in grey.

– Are the fonts appropriate? Cooper Black and Myriad Pro

– Suggestions for improving the layout? I struggle to fit it into an A3. Is it possible to squeezed even more without having to decrease the size of the fonts even more?

Any other general comments are welcome!